We have come to learn.

LIFE is the teacher.

EXTRACTING life’s teachings from any situation is an EDUCATION in itself.

Knowing how to extract the EDUCATIONAL VALUE from a flower or a wave, for example, is an art which can be learnt and an inner STRUCTURE which can be formed.

LEARNING NATURALLY is a REFLECTIVE PRACTICE and it implies a PATH OF HEALING as we come to remember who WE are.

To extract the essence of any lesson takes TIME and STILLNESS.

Through CURIOSITY, TRIAL and ERROR  we come to discover who we are.

We can learn to count while planting trees and we can learn to talk while blowing bubbles in the sea.

We can learn to hold on and let go as we listen to our own breath and we learn to wait our turn while sharing in a circle.

We need each other to learn to listen with respect so that we can be vulnerable with our hearts and we need the air, the sea and the earth to help us regulate our fire.

We need the sound of our own voices to learn to express ourselves and we need dance and movement to learn how best to embody all of who we are.

All this of course implies a willingness to ENGAGE with life, to take RESPONSIBILITY for who we are and to APPRECIATE the value of each and every living thing.

What one chooses to extract from life is unique and valid for each individual and subject to their own free will of course.

The true essence of any teaching can only be extracted by each one alone and for themselves no matter how young but with a little bit of help from our loving family and friends, together we can learn how to become CONSCIOUS  human beings after all.

Join us in CONNECTION with nature. We are currently discovering the sea.

For times and says please contact as at iamwaterhappy@gmail.com