Learning through transmission actively uses human resonance in teaching and learning environments.  It has a particularly positive impact on communication between adults and young children.

As well as engaging the cognitive, emotional and imaginative capacities of those involved, transmission learning consciously uses our body’s energy to reach a deeper sense of connection and understanding.

This workshop has been developed through a pilot group of parents and pre-school educators in and out of water environments in Corfu, Greece.

Water is conductive, reflective and communicative

When immersed in water, as we soak, we open up and become physically predisposed to listening.  We listen in the conventional way through our ears as well as receiving information through our skin and the fields of our human energy.

Because of this, non-verbal communicators like babies or people living with a disability are often able to communicate much more clearly when in water.

Water accelerates our receptive capacity, our sensory perception is strengthened and resonance with other humans in a therapeutic, educational or social relationship is greatly enhanced and more easily attained.

Tapping into these spontaneous qualities offered by water as we evolve as human beings is a matter of training, of positive predisposition and ultimately of personal choice.

By being fully present we encourage one another to feel the security and freedom we need to go beyond ourselves.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for PARENTS who want to dive deeper into their role supporting their family as independent, conscious and grounded human beings.  It is also aimed at TEACHERS and AQUATIC PROFESSIONALS who want to become more conscious of their role as transmitters and more effective in their way of working.  Finally, those who seek new conscious communication avenues as a way of the heart are most welcome too.

When and where will this workshop take place?

This workshop requires swimming pool water heated to a comfortable temperature, a good 30C to 34C, with a quiet atmosphere.  The first option is a one-day 6-hour workshop that will have a land and a water component.  We can extend this work to a 2 or 3-day style retreat to include our children in the learning experience.

Appropriate facilitates are really necessary for this workshop.  If you are the owner of a heated private or public swimming pool or know of somewhere that would be interested in hosting LEARNING THROUGH TRANSMISSION, please contact me at sophiamichalopoulou@yahoo.com