So much of our innocence gets stripped away all too early.

So much of our pure potential gets caught up in what is expected of us right from scratch.

So much of who we truly are, of what we really want, gets sacrificed on the altar of ‘I have to’.

Our raw, crude, unlimited potential gets harnessed, molded and sculpted based upon outdated models of education and acceptability. Most often than not this squeezing, compressing, compromising of ourselves is experienced as trauma.

Trauma doesn’t have to be a single, shocking, memorable event. Trauma can be small, every day, habitual patters than slowly but steadily put out our light.

I’m not suggesting we create a rebel society that acts purely upon impulse but I am suggesting that our raw, crude, unharnessed potential is essentially the fire that fuels passion, creative individuality and our capacity to evolve beyond ourselves.

Our juicy desires, our primal instincts, our hearts raw capacity to love beyond measure all dwell in the same treasure chest of warm molten life force.

A single key unlocks them all but keep one in the dark and all will remain out of reach.

The challenge becomes how to reopen that treasure chest without falling apart, without reliving the heartbreak, without being met with the same fears.

To reopen and stay open, in relation to another as well as to oneself is essential to our health, our happiness, our inner peace.

As you’ve probably guessed, however, there is no easy single, clean cut approach that will open up that treasure chest.

“You’ve got to feel it to heal it.”

Becoming conscious and aware enough of ourselves projecting past experiences onto the present and catching them in time, so that a new life paradigm can be born, is beginning to look like the processes of a conscious evolution that is rewiring our brains and recalibrating our ‘hard drives’.

The single most challenging act is to get naked. Even that has become loaded with body shame and cultural conformity. Even this single moment of beauty and innocence has been lost to an adulterated mind.

To strip ourselves bare of all facades, pretences and other peoples’ truths that we have latched onto and made ours is an act of bravery. It is testimony of a determined soul to remember who they truly are.

Rewards and incentives are not always apparent. The maze is endless, the pitfalls many. Aloneness is obvious and the pain of awakening guaranteed.

In the age of duality, to strip ourselves naked in front of another has been kept behind closed doors, in the bedroom or on TV. It’s something we let the other do first or feel the shake at the knees when we can no longer hide behind our Gucci scarves and Nike sneakers.

Getting naked has almost been an act of competition:

“You go first, no you go first!”

“I’ll open up only after she does”

“Shit he opened up, run!”

Even after years with a good therapist we check our thoughts before we spit them out. Even then we manage to hide behind the closed doors of our minds’ hidden recesses.

Getting naked is an act of freedom.

It is a single decisive moment to drop everything whatever the cost.

It’s not something another can do for you.

You will not be told when the moment is right.

It doesn’t need hours to do, it can be done in a single second.

It does take practice because our whole systems have been wired otherwise.

It is deciding that we no longer have something to lose.

Your naked truth, however difficult to locate, accept and side by at first is liberating, exhilarating and lighter than any other state.

The more we dare get naked in front of others the more comfortable others will feel in our presence. Perhaps not at first. Perhaps some will run away. But many will stay because they will feel the urge for it too.

When two people get naked together, what’s true and real gets multiplied exponentially. It verifies the existence of such a reality and adds to its validation as the new status quo.

A new way of relating that is intimate and naked.

Soon all else will appear false and pretentious.

Bullshit will be unbearable.

Being naked is powerful beyond measure.

You can no longer be put in a box because only you have the key.

Once it’s been opened there’s no going back.

Getting naked from the inside out is the new sexy.

Seek for those who love to get naked.