LIQUIFY in Poland

LIQUIFY is an AQUATIC WORKSHOP experienced in the warm salt water pool in Warmia Park Pluski Poland at +34C.

Allow yourself to discover the pleasure of your LIQUID BODY in warm water. Our intention will be to relax, replenish and rejoice while exploring the ways in which our bodies move above and below warm water. We will hold and be held by the water and by each other. We shall use our breath to dive deeper into ourselves. We will splash and play through our fears. We will rise into a renewed sense of feeling ALIVE.

When immersed in warm water our bodies remember our previous existences as mammals, as embryos and other aquatic beings. Everything we have experienced has been recorded in our body’s cellular memory. In warm water this can show up as a holding, an emotion, a visual memory.

The vibration of water helps us connect to our internal vibration. We will discover it through using our voice on the surface and under water. Through arriving at our primary flow we will experience the flow of the universe.

This AQUATIC WORKSHOP as an opportunity to get to know yourself better, to evolve, to expand while having fun with water loving family.

“Water remembers, water loves, water heals”

Some of the AQUATIC MODALITIES that will be available to us during the workshop are:
WATSU – Shiatsu in Water
Waterdance – Movement below the surface of water
Mermaiding – The use of a mono fin tail to move through water like a mermaid
Apnea – The practice of no breath
LIving Waves of Vibrations – a method of working with voice and sound vibration.


Date: 3rd March 2018 8:30 – 11:30, lunch, 13.00 – 15.00
Place: Warmia Park Pluski near Olsztyn
Places available : 12
Price: 150 PLN + 150 EUR (150 PLN is required to reserve a space,
150EUR by cash in the workshop)
Aquatic Therapy Sessions : 28 February, 1-2 March ,session 1,5 h
price 60EUR + pool entry 40 PLN

The workshop will be in English with Polish translation. Individual sessions can also be translated if needed. Information and registration: phone: +48 505 182 184

The facebook event page:

“We look forward to having you join us”


SOPHIA MICHALOPOULOU is an Aquatic Therapist and Educator based on the Ionian Island of Corfu, Greece.
This will be her second consecutive year offering a workshop in Poland. Sophia is passionate about the ways in which working with water can heal and evolve us as human beings. Sophia will be offering individual sessions before and after the workshop, if you feel this would suit you better or something arises during the workshop, you would like to dive deeper into. You can find out more about her at

“Allow your heart to guide you in deciding if this AQUATIC PLAYSHOP is for you but please don’t stay away out of fear!”

MALGOSIA JANUSZCZYK-SIEMIENIUK over the last 12 years she has been supporting people on their life paths. She delivers individual sessions as well as workshops realted to conscious life through employing different therapeutic methods such as Intuitive Reading of Vibrations, working with Heart Spaces, Alfa meditation, Living Waves of Vibrations. You can find more information on her website

„You are the center of everything. Everything that happens around you, comes from you. Your vibration is like a wave, creating ripples and moving on. You are the vibration of Life.”