I walked into the local mini-market yesterday for the first time to buy some eggs.

I obviously caught the two ladies at the checkout in the middle of a deep exchange because they just looked and me and spontaneously asked:

“Would you rather feel pain or never to have loved?”

Despite my amusement my answer was swift without any trace of doubt.

The greatest pain of all, far bigger than any other sense of loss, is the pain of never having experienced the fullness of love.

Most humans live and die without having experienced the miracle of unconditional love.

“How can you give love unconditionally if you have not received it unconditionally?” would be my point of call.

Experiencing life through our emotions requires that our emotional body is and stays open.

But emotions include sadness as well as joy.

By closing ourselves off to one of the two we automatically shut down to the other as well.

The more we live through our emotions and our hearts the more proficient we become in speaking this new language, the more refined the emotions we shall experience, the more eloquent we shall all become in the language of love.

Staying open to love requires courage, determination and painstakingly embracing our fears.

By committing to a source of love that is beyond the limitations of our human egos every day, every minute, at every loveless moment we could just well be on the way of conquering our greatest fear of all: A life without love.

The cake was great by the way…

“The ultimate lesson is learning how to love and be loved unconditionally” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (The Wheel of Life, 1997)

Photo: Maria Victoria Douka in Corfu, GREECE