Mermaiding has certainly taken off as a global trend whether it be for fun, fitness or entertainment.

People young and old, men and women are finding joy and magic in wearing a tail in the sea, in natural bodies of water or the swimming pool.

Making magic tangible and real is definitely one of the highlights of this aquatic experience.

Mermaiding is simply a magical experience no matter your age!

What intrigues me most about swimming with a tail, is how mental boundaries between what’s real and what’s not, become blurred. This allows a whole new reality to emerge full of mermazing possibilities.

Often people find it is more difficult than they thought.

Swimming like a mermaid is not as easy as you might think. Remembering how to move like a fish in water takes skill and dedication.

What’s possible enters a whole new dimension that is both physically demanding and imaginatively expanding.

There is certainly a risk hazard and a ‘latent’ fear’ for many in ‘binding your feet together’ let alone swimming like in this way.

Mermaiding requires that you are a competent swimmer and very comfortable underwater. We recommend this is over 6 to 7 years of age.

Adult mermaiding swimming with a professional mono fin and mermaid tail skin has many physical benefits according to Mermaids UK of mermaid swimming, which are:

*strengthen core

*improves flexibility

*increased stamina

*better balance

*deeper breathing

*joint mobility and strength


*left/right brain synchronization

As an aquatic therapist and educator I witness many benefits to mermaiding on many levels.

Mermaiding asks that we let go of built up patterns in the body. The need for a deeper more conscious breath and the water help bring back the flow into areas that have closed up, be they physical or emotional.

It’s fascinating to watch how quickly children remember how to move as mammals in water. Less built in patterns means it’s easier to access our body’s aquatic memory. An initial hesitancy turns quickly into a tadpole like movement.

The primary ways mermaiding unfolds emotionally for people is the:

Overcoming of fears

Grounding further into body

Memory recall

A sense of coming out

Asserting individuality

More self-confidence

A feeling of connection

Experiencing pleasure

Finding joy

Mermaiding often leaves people feeling alive, happier in themselves and with a replenished sense of joy. Meeting with likeminded people allows you to feel connected and helps build relationships based on love and mutual respect.

The main social benefits of mermaid swimming might be:

*feeling happy

*feeling connected

*at one with the sea

*team bonding

*overcoming social fear

*stress relief

*be inspired

*be in the flow

As adults, Mermaid Experiences are a way of introducing imaginative play back into our lives.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” wrote George Bernard Shaw.

Playfulness is the state in which we can most easily let go and experience joy and flow. This is the main intention of  Mermaiding Experiences which can be tailored to suit your ‘tail”.

Finding your ‘tail’ may become a passage into claiming your mythical self which can bring a powerful new dimension to our 3D lives. Growth, expansion and a new awareness can happen just by connecting to your merself.

For people who feel at home in water mermaiding will take you deeper into the aquatic dimension. Mermaiding is graceful and allows you to feel at one with the flow of the ocean in the most profound way.

Mermaiding in the crystalline waters of the mermaid shaped island of Corfu is a mythical experience in itself.

Mermaids Corfu is based on #themermaidisland and provides a variety of experiences, retreats and workshops both in pools and in open water for the whole family.

It is run by Sophia Michalopoulou who is an aquatic therapist, a licensed swimming instructor and a trained Mermaid Swimming Instructor with Mermaids UK.

For more information and bookings please contact as at mermaidscorfu@gmail.com

Photo: Alexandra (Ermine Photography) Tzarougkian