Welcome to our Merfamily,
Do you feel like mermaiding with us on the mermaid shaped island of Corfu?

We use professional monofins with tailor made tails to swim in the infinite blue of the Ionian Sea individually or in small groups.

The island of Corfu is known for its wonderful beaches and friendly waters which you can enjoy in a new and magical way.

Mermaiding in Open Water takes this natural way of experiencing water to a whole new level. It offers an intense sense of freedom, a greater feeling of connection, physical agility and grace while having a whole lot of fun in the sea at around 3m depth.

You have the option of an introductory 2 hour Mermaid OPEN WATER experience or a more adventurous FULL DAY tailor made programme which can involve a boat drip, underwater photo shoot* or certified free diving classes* and greater depths.

Both of these experiences require good swimming skills and a positive relationship with water. If you are an ASPIRING MERMAID perhaps you would like to join a more relaxed and easy introductory class to strengthen your confidence and relationship with water.

Sophia Michalopoulou is an aquatic therapist and educator, a certified AUSTSWIM swimming instructor and a certified Mermaid Swimming Instructor with Mermaids UK.

Our team is a co-creation of highly experienced professionals in their field who love water.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and bookings and find out more about our Mermaids Corfu Programme and other Locations.