We are multidimensional humans, which means we exist physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually on many levels. Existence while contained in a physical body has so far eluded us to believe that we are limited. We are now evolving into new dimensions of awareness which are expanding our capacity of what is possible.

As we become aware of ourselves from the inside out, the task of life itself becomes to connect our parts in a coherent whole. The more at peace we are with the various parts of ourselves the more at peace we are with others.

We are working towards a unified field of consciousness and whatever stands in its way in the form of separation, is showing up to be integrated back into wholeness. This appears to be the central function of a heart based intelligence.

Like layers of an onion we retrieve forgotten parts of ourselves when we start looking to find what is important and meaningful inside of us rather than on the outside. So much of what we have or what we do is merely a distraction from this process.

It is most often in silence and in the absence of light that the deepest awareness of ourselves arises. This is no easy task as meeting our fears and pains is unavoidable if we are to manifest more love and a new sustainable way of living together on this planet.

Vision and understanding came first. Now has come the time to put our skills into practice consistently and unapologetically while we build and create new paradigms to match this expanding awareness.

Have you ever read the Anastasia books? When we listen and carefully observe babies and children we gain insights of what we once knew as possible and have since forgotten. Children carry the vision for our future unlimited by outdated restrictions of what we think possible. Before we label their playtime fantasies, visionary drawings and magical creations into the ‘childish’ box perhaps we should take a big step outside our own boxed system to allow for new ways of seeing.

We can perhaps show them how to occupy this physical body most comfortably so that their spirit and unique intelligence can unfold intact but we need to allow for a non-teaching space for their gifts and ways to shine through. Typically this is through natural free play and interactions with the outdoors. Children create their reality from the inside out.

By providing a conscious birth journey and an awakened early years education we can allow our children to unfold rather than shut down. This awakening awareness from the inside out is creating long lasting change. Change being the only certainty right now as we make the invisible visible to help us birth a new world.

We are living in a brave new world and just when we are ready to give up, give in or turn back the new level of awareness arises. There is no going back now.

Winter Solstice 2019