Growing up on a mermaid shaped island, there is every chance you’ll end up loving the sea.

In fact you are likely not to be able to live without it!

What’s so wonderfully alluring about Corfu, is the variety of waters that adorn its 217 kilometers of coastline.

You’d think one Sea says it all. Absolutely not. Corfu’s versatility both on land and at sea, are part of what make it so attractive to live and play on.

The Ionian Sea spans from south of the Adriatic, past Corfu and all the way down the seven Ionian islands off the West coast of Greece.

Calypso Deep, the deepest point in the Mediterranean at −5,267 m, is located in the Ionian Sea.

Water depth, salinity, rocks and sea floor sediment all play a role in a water’s quality, light and color.

Some beaches, caves and grottos are marked with historic and personal value, whilst others are simply a corner cut out of paradise.

Having swam in a fair amount of waters around the world, there is something profoundly comforting about the Ionian Sea.

The Ionian Sea is crystal clear, safe and mesmerizingly beautiful. To be able to easily let go surrounded by such beauty feels like a coming ‘home’.

Some swimming locations in Corfu have become increasingly popular over the years and with the crowds come the sun beds, the parasols and the beach rackets.

There is something undeniably characteristic, however, about each and every swimming location, even if it is in the heart of Corfu Town.

The intention to write about a my favourite swimming locations in Corfu, surfaced out of a personal healing journey.

I trust you will find these reads enjoyable and that they will motivate you to go swim in these sacred waters. They have been my ‘blue-line’.

My first FAVOURITE SWIMMING SPOT IN CORFU will be up shortly.

THANK YOU water.

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