We are not just our physical body.

We have an emotional body.

A mental one and a spiritual one too.

Just to keep it simple.

All these are contained and interconnected by our individual energetic bodies.

Our energy ‘fields’ transmit and interact with each other’s and everything else in the universe too.

Everything is energy vibrating at a specific frequency.

When we are born it is like learning to contain unlimited potential in a box of matches.

That’s how big we really are!

When we fail to address one of these dimensions we are failing to address the whole picture in a person.

Babies and young children in particular, naturally vibrate at higher frequencies than adults and use energy as the primary way of communing with the world.

If we remain unaware of the non-visible dimensions we cannot meet their needs.

Energy matters!

#Waterhappy develops workshops and teaching material that addresses the 5th dimension in an aquatic environment.

Our intention is to support new humans through this evolutionary stage of development that is asking us to upgrade our educational approach to learning as well as to ourselves.

By doing so we allow children’s authentic self and human potential to come through rather than just feeding them what we think they should learn.

There are two fundamental structural guidlines to the #waterhappy approach:

1. We work with water rather than in it.

2. It’s all about us.

WATER is the element which helps make this evolutionary transition easier by making the non-physical dimension more tangible and therefore more easily understood by a wider range of people.

By developing a conscious relationship to water we are developing a conscious relationship with ourselves.

What we bring to the water consciously or not, is what we transmit to others. It’s all about us.

#Waterhappy workshops or 1-2-1 sessions are experiential. They ask that we assume responsibility for our own understanding by doing and feeling the work ourselves.

Why not come for a taster of a #waterhappy approach to water on Friday 5th October at Swim Works International Aquatic Centre at Royal Leamington Spa, UK?

Are you #waterhappy?