I see two girls, maybe twins, awkward in their bodies as they arrive on their first day. Heads down too shy to look anyone directly in the eye.

For the next couple of days they stick to themselves wary of taking part in any group activity.

And yet one morning there they are in the water evident that they are not used to this element but willing to try. They were from Moscow after all.

Slowly we work on trusting ourselves and finding our balance in water. There is no fear of falling or hurting oneself for the water has taken care of that.

We focus on team work and in supporting each other rather than competing in any game or form.

With daily practice we develop grace and emphasise pleasure in our movements. The water is very generous in that way.

We find our dance and the freedom to express it openly too. As the week progresses the water helps us find our flow and then we begin to freeflow into another level of awareness and joy.

I have moments that I wonder if its just me seeing all this but from the smiles and twinkling eyes that I see and the running footsteps that I hear, I take check of myself.

By the end of the week I receive a long letter by their mother who silently observed from a distance all week as she spoke no English.

What I now held in my hands, however, was in perfect English, it says:

“Thank You so much for all You do for our children. Judging by the way my kids rush for the next meeting with You they really like it…You are a very beautiful woman and You enjoy watching not only children but their parents too”.

And as they wave goodbye I see two very different girls leaving. Now they have flowers in their hair, they look and feel beautiful and their head is held up high!

Thank you water.