We have, on numerous occasions, written about how water amplifies and transmits our state of being.

Water is alive and responds to our thoughts and emotions by making them visible, tangible almost, to a keen observer.

When understood as a responsive environment, it becomes clear, that working in water is a powerful and responsible position to be in.

What we bring to the water will be transmitted loud and clear to others in the water with us.

The poignant question which hence arises is “What am I bringing to the water?”

Am I bringing stress and anxiety or am I bringing peace and calm? Am I bringing self-doubt or self-confidence? As an aquatic educator my state of being matters.

Am I bringing fear or am I bringing love to the water?

A mindful practice in water, particularly when teaching babies, toddlers and children thus becomes essential.

No, mindfulness does not mean cutting out on all the fun!

We still get to sing, laugh and play but at the appropriate time rather than out of habit or chitter chatter.

Effectively what practicing mindfulness in water means is, slowing down.

When we slow down we see more, hear more and become more effective at what we do.

By slowing down we can TUNE IN better to our own needs and to those around us.

Slowing down and even being able to stand still while teaching in water takes practice.

Silence can feel uncomfortable to us and to our parents. It is not likely to feel as uncomfortable for babies and children, however.

Being responsive to babies’ and children’s needs does not necessarily mean talking. Their communication is primarily non-verbal.

Mindfulness is about not having a mind-full of thoughts, plans, to-do lists and things to achieve.

Don’t worry, in water it is much easier than on land to be present. The absence of phones and computers for a start, make attentiveness to our children’s needs so much easier to achieve.

Being more and more present is what mindfulness actually achieves and the biggest gift your child could receive from you.

#Waterhappy is a mindful approach to water.

We believe that the more mindful we are around children the more responsive we can be to their individual needs.

The more present we are around little people the more we allow them to unfold at their own rhythm and speed.

We want children to thrive and to become more of who they are rather than who we want them to be.

It is a privilege to be able to work with Aqua Sensory as a leading developer of early learning practices in water.

The UK has always been a global leader in education and is now leading the way in bringing mindfulness to schools.

We believe we can bring mindfulness to pools too.

Together we will make a difference.

Aqua Sensory and Water Happy are merging our resources and energies to develop mindful practices in water for babies, infants and preschool education in water.

We are looking at the ways we can adapt our own teaching practices in swimming classes, assessing the needs of the whole child and brining a new awareness to the ways we work with water rather than just in it.

We intend to make our own research and development available on the world wide web for easy access to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time because change is already happening and finding new ways forward is urgent and of essence.

Aqua Sensory is already working on bringing experts in their fields together, to inform safe and forward thinking practices in water.

We are #waterhappy to be part of this tribe.

#togetherwemakeadifference #thankyouwater