To reach out for what I want,

I must first know what it is that I want.

An all encompassing desire.

To know what that is,

Requires I be in tune with myself,

My needs, my likes and dislikes,

A raw instinct.

To be in touch with myself,

Demands I’ve been able

To listen to myself and not another.

My tune at my rhythm.

And if the other has also allowed me the space to be me,

I am innocently and unconditionally guilt free to

take what is rightfully mine, to devour at pleasure and

to digest all that I have realized.

A natural cycle of achieving satisfaction.

To have a desire, to be able to reach for what you want, to claim it fully and the satisfaction of digesting it slowly are all stages which are influenced by our birth journey.

This is how early years define our future cycles.

Reaching out becomes a neediness, a dependence or reproach when every time I reached out physically and emotionally my needs were not met.

Driven by unmet needs and projected mind games we then seek to hold onto the first thing that promises to fill the void.

What were your own needs met with? And so the cycle repeats itself.

Water shows up both physically and emotionally the early year patterning of our cycle of desire.

Being mindful and present with this underlying process when working with babies and children in water can help us readdress their future.