Water Happy inspires humans to love water and themselves.

Water Happy is as much a water practice as it is a way of of living life itself.

We develop workshops and teaching material that address the fifth dimension in an aquatic environment.

Water helps us embody our energy and empowers us to be more of who we are.

Energy matters.

Water is alive.

Water accelerates our receptive capacity, enhances our sensory perception and resonance with other people

in a therapeutic, educational or social relationship is more easily attained.

Water loves unconditionally, remembers everything and heals what doesn’t yield easily on land.

Water is resonant, reflective and communicative.

The 5th Dimension

This is the energetic dimension. Here, time and space do not behave like we know it in the 3rd or physical dimension.

This dimension uses language like vibration, intention, transmission and embodiment.

Water amplifies energy and makes it more tangible than on land.

Babies, children and non-verbal communicators all communicate naturally in this way.

It’s all about us.

In water we can experience what in the 5th dimension is invisible to the eye.

We are One.

What we bring to the water as people, aquatic professionals, parents, educators will have an effect on the whole.

Who we are beyond what we say or do, is transmitted more vividly in water.

Are you #waterhappy?

Changing the way we see water and the roles we play in it, can be a life changing event.

Water Happy classes, workshops and retreats are experiential.

They ask us to become more of who we are in our own understanding of ourselves.

Water allows us to be happy.

Sophia Michalopoulou is an aquatic therapist & educator who runs classes, workshops and retreats internationally.

Her base is on the island of Corfu, Greece where she grew up and where her love of water lead to the creation of Water Happy.

Sophia has worked as a holistic therapist on land for nearly twenty years and has introduced her energetic work and experience into the element of water. She is an aquatic perinatal therapist and currently a practicing birth doula.

She is a collaborator with Aqua Sensory’s Research and Development programme at Swim Works International Aquatic Centre in Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom.

She is a student of David Sawyer’s IAT Prenatal Journey work in water and a practitioner of WATSU, Waterdance and Healing Dance aquatic bodywork modalities.

She is a lisenced AUSTSWIM Swimming and Water Safety Instructor, a Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics, and a volunteer swimming instructor for the Special Olympics Swimming team in Corfu as a teacher of Access and Inclusion.

Sophia is a certified Mermaid Swimming Instructor with Mermaids UK and is the owner of Mermaids Corfu and holds the vision for The Mermaid Island.

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