On a biological level we are conceived naturally when a sperm meets an ovum and off we go. If all goes well nine months later out we come right?

On a biological level we didn’t exist before our conception and love doesn’t really come into it but stress levels do?

Fertility has become a serious issue for both men and women in many parts of the world while in the meantime we are dealing with the outcomes of an overpopulated planet.

What is going on?

From the first breath of life to our last, life is ‘pressuring’ us to become more conscious of our choices. The repercussions of our actions in the past are showing up as a more mindful way of living for some.

For one reason or another, I’ve been drawn to work with this period of our life. The birth journey for me starts prior to conception and goes well into the first two years of a human beings life.

We pay so much attention to the moment of birth that we often feel disempowered by our options when we could be looking at all the things we could be doing in this two-year transition into life. We talk about before and after birth but what about before and after conception too?

When we start to conceive of ourselves as energetic beings embodied in human form, we can see how every event in our lives get imprinted in our systems experienced as a sensation or a feeling in vibrational form.

Until recently our lack of cognitive memory explained why we denied babies could feel pain at birth. We saw babies with a level of emotional detachment their experience of birth explained in some technical way or other.

Are we now daring to go deeper?

In our own evolutionary process we are daring to go deeper into ourselves. Through meditation and healing practices many of us are on an inner journey of discovering why it is we came here in the first place.

Perhaps the search for a meaningful and conscious life is now even overriding our biological programing to procreate. Becoming a conscious human for some women is seen as more serving to the whole than becoming a mother.

While working through our own patterning and behaviors we are encountering the ways in which our own conception and consequent birth passage into life, has influenced the outcome of our adulthood.

By comparing notes and sharing classes and workshops together we are discovering strong recurring themes  in our collective memories and early life experiences. We are realizing, for example, that in the experience of our aloneness we are not alone after all.

That a sense of ‘separation’ resonates on a deep cellular level beyond events in our later years. That our first breath was painful and that human love was rather misleading compared to what we know to be true on a vibrational perception of reality.

Does it have to be so black and white?

Life and death have been at such odds with each other for such a long time that we define our experience of being born in black and white terms. The before and after effect mark a clear sense of separation one way or another.

Healing a sense of separation derived from the experience of our birth journeys can take many forms. Divine homesickness, vanishing twin syndrome, separation from our mothers, momentary lapses of life and death.

Our lack of cognitive awareness during our birth journey does not allow us to know if we are coming or going. Are we dying or living? How scary is that!

When we start to conceive of ourselves as energetic beings embodied in human form, we can start to look at ways of creating continuity during the birth journey. A birth into being continuum so to speak.

Water sustains life and supports the transmission of ‘vibrational’ information. Supporting life in water is nature’s way from conception to birth.

Parents wanting to enter a conscious pregnancy journey, who are willing to assist their child’s entire transition into this life, might wish to consider being in the water long before the actual moment of birth.

Where, as well as how we are born, informs our birth experience.


Photo: World Wide Web source unknown