I can’t say that I’ve been the moisturising kind of lass and I was never really the hairdryer owning kind either.

I soon realised, however, that I simply cannot let things slip if I want to be happy in water.

After three hours in warm water, moisturising becomes a demand and staying dry between the toes and in the ears has also bought me my first hairdryer.

Working in water also demands that I be in full respect of myself and how I’m feeling.

I might be used to pushing myself way past my borders on land and thin air but in water this simply isn’t possible.

Being surrounded by water asks that we  express exactly how we feel in order to stay afloat.

A no is a no is a no. Not much point pushing anything too far when in water because it is likely to come right back at me there and then.

When you got to come up for air you got to come up for air!

I’m speaking literally and metaphorically here.

Being #waterhappy has taught me in the most grounded way how to take care of myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Emotions surface quite intensely when wet and so expressing and communicating them clearly and effectively also becomes a consequence of good self care.

The water itself becomes a tangible mirror in which to reflect and examine where exactly I stand, or should I say float.

In the water’s stillness I have found my border, my limit, my sense of self. I have found my footing, my grounding and a natural ally in myself.

Every time I spend long hours in the water, grounding and firing up my physical body become equally importnat.

And by respecting myself I am taking care of myself and hopefully diving deeper into respecting others too.

Ultimately the way we take care of ourselves is reflected in the way we care for our water.

If that’s the case we deffinitely still have a lot of loving and caring to do.

The #waterhappy approach focuses on buiding relationships with water.

It says care for your water is like caring for yourself.

Caring for yourself is caring for your water.

Love water and it will love you right back.