“A Distant Memory

I am diving under the sea. I am going deeper and deeper where the waters are cold and the light no longer shines. I have a tail. I am a mermaid. I have a task to complete. How deep can I go?

I imagine myself with legs. Dive bombing to see how deep I can go. I am holding onto weights to keep me down. Without a tail I have no control of direction. I’m better off as a mermaid I decide.

I have to reach the earth’s center. I have a key to place there. I am part of a Divine Plan.

I see the central crystal in the Earth’s core. I place the key. Mission accomplished.

Above the sea’s surface the city explodes. Its walls fall apart as the waters flood it out of existence. I feel the sadness and the fear but I am not part of that story. I help people to escape by letting them stand on my back.

My sound breaks through the void that remains. The sound’s purpose is to restructure the new. I know others will hear this sound too and recognize it for they too are part of the Plan.

I have no fear. I know we will make it through the transition this time around.

Today we have all the tools that we need. We have learnt our lesson well.”

Extract from “Tales of a Mermaid Island” 2013


Imprinted in the human psyche is a distant memory of a catastrophic deluge. The biblical story of Noah’s ark, the fall of Atlantis, the prehistoric volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini in the Aegean and more recently the Asian Tsunami, are all ‘events’ that have left their mark on our collective consciousness.

As an energy portal on the Earth’s energy grid, it has been suggested that Corfu Island is a gateway to the consciousness called Atlantis. Many inhabitants of the island or those drawn to it, drowned or were in some way involved in the Fall.

On a more grounded level, the idea of swimming in deep blue water, brings up a lot of ‘stuff’ for a lot of people. Taking a closer look is likely to reveal that the fear of deep water reveals something a lot more fundamental about the core of our existence. Fear is an energy that exists inside of us. Where or through what this fear finds expression, is a key to a door behind which lies unlimited human potential.

Fear is fear no matter its outward appearance. Finding the courageous love to go deep within ourselves and to take a closer look at this fear, will have repercussions in every aspect of our lives. By seeing through this fear to the other side, is a powerful commitment on the path of love.

‘Into the Deep’ is an aquatic workshop guided by Sophia Michalopoulou on the mermaid shaped island of Corfu during the summer months.

Sophia is a certified Mermaid Swimming Instructor with Mermaids UK and offers open water Mermaid Swimming Experiences as well as in the pool.