Thank you water for your support,

Thank you for your LOVE, your compassion, your understanding.

Thank you water for the JOY, the beauty and the pleasure you give me every day,

Thank you for the PLAYING and the laughing.

Thank you water for THE CHILDREN you bring into my life and for their parents that they bring with them too.

Thank you in fact for all the wonderful people you have brought into my life.

Thank you for taking me across countries and continents,

Thank you for opening so many doors.

Thank you for the healing, for LISTENING and for understanding.

For washing away my sorrows, my resistances and my illusions.

Thank you water for paying the rent,

For washing my swimsuits fresh and clean every day.

Thank you water for EVOLVING ME as a human being, to listen more, to feel more, to understand more.

Thank you for grounding me, growing me and nourishing me,

Thank you for the CONNECTION.

Thank you for the winter river walks,

Thank you Sea,

Thank you water QUENCHING MY THIRST for so much more.

Thank you for the LIFE that I have.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



*extracts from my gratitude journal over the years