No, this isn’t meant to sound like a script for a sci-fi movie.

This is the recent culmination of my prep work, leading up to the International Water Conference in St Petersburg, Russia.

Finding the language to describe and effectively communicate a reality that remains largely unperceived, is a big part of the challenge.

This condensed into a ten minute physical demonstartion which, judging from the feedback I received, went down well.



The storyline goes something like this:

All dimensions are interconnected through energy, our heartbeat and our breath.

The 5th dimensional human is aware of all five dimensions.

They feel how everything vibrates and learn and perceive the world through the non-verbal transmission of our human resonance.

In the 5th dimension time is not linear and dualtiy does not exist.

The 5th dimension is a unified consciousness where everything is perceived as interconnected.

The law of vibration is real whether we perceive it or not.

Babies, young children and non-verbal communicators function more prominently through their 5th dimension before starting to ‘shut down’.

Addressing the 5th dimension is more tangible in water.

By addressing the 5th dimension we allow others to function in their fullest potential.


This is, in my opinion, an evolutionary step in human history that is currently becoming the new reality. We used to think the world was flat, then we accepted it was round.

Slowly, slowly we are realising that we are all swimming in a sea of energies.


LEARNING THROUGH TRANSMISSION is a 5 module training programme which informs us on  how we interact with non-verbal communicators in water.

It suggests we actively use human resonance in teaching and learning environments on land and in water.

It appears to have a particularly positive impact on communication between adults, babies and young children, as well as people that use non-verbal communication as their primary way of interacting.

As well as engaging the cognitive, emotional and imaginative capacities of those involved, transmission learning consciously uses our body’s energy to reach a deeper sense of connection and understanding.

This #waterhappy approach in water will be taught on the following dates and locations:

Ioannina, GREECE – Asterias Swim School

Sunday 2nd September 2018

Leamington Spa, UK – Swim Works International Aquatic Centre

Friday 5th October 2018

Saturday 5th January 2019

Saturday 13th April 2019



For bookings and information please contact us at