Swimming with a tail is fun, challenging and magical.

For many it’s about having a new experience.

It is definitely about connecting to the sea but also your breath and the feeling of being alive.

It can be about reconnecting to parts of yourself you had forgotten. For many it brings memories back to the surface.

It is about discovering a way of being that feels natural, sensual and flowing.

Mermaiding is about finding flow.

Finding flow in our breaths, our bodies, our hearts and minds.

Awakening to your mermaidhood does not require a tail.

It is about awakening to an aspect of yourself that remembers what it’s like to live in water.

Water loves, water remembers, water heals.

In this dimension time flows differently, sound travels faster and the body no longer functions in duality.

Are you an awakening mermaid?

Corfu island is the shape of a mermaid. The mermaid Corcyra.

She is the archetypal energy with which the awakening mermaid resonates with.

The Awakening Mermaid is an experience that takes place in the crystalline waters of the mermaid island for men and women.

If you would like to join us please contact Mermaids Corfu and become part of the Merfamily.

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