Corfu Island is surrounded by the crystal clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea.  Its sparkling safe waters make Corfu the ideal home for lovers of The Blue.

So why swim in a pool?

Some Corfiots who enjoy swimming in the sea regard a swimming pool as an unhealthy, confined and unnatural swimming environment.

Given a choice between natural  and man-made, many people will still opt for the former, despite the popularity of swimming pools all over the world.

However there are several important benefits to a swimming pool, particularly if the water temperature is at a minimumof 33C.

A heated healing pool provides a controlled environment with easy access for everyone, all year round. A pool is ideal for infants, young children and adults learning to swim, for people with limited mobility, those who are afraid of the sea or who feel more comfortable in a controlled environment.

A pool’s healing environment can be ideal for rehabilitation and occupational therapy.

These people will benefit from a heated all-year round swimming pool:

  • Pregnant women
  • Families wanting to take part in an activity together
  • Infants
  • Children and adults learning to swim
  • People who are overweight
  • People with arthritis and other pain conditions
  • Rehabilitation patients
  • Children with autism and other socially sensitive behaviours
  • Trauma and grief sufferers
  • People who are afraid of water or don’t know how to swim
  • People that have breathing difficulties
  • Isolated individuals looking to interact with others in a safe environment


Photo of Sofia Rotenfeld.

Simply being in water has healing benefits – there is no need for specific therapy.

We prefer to describe the pool as a ‘healing’ and not just as a ‘therapy’ pool , as this includes energy-based water modalities like WATSU, Waterdance or Reiki in Water, without excluding classic hydrotherapy.

A natural salt water pool

Chlorinated water cannot compete with the benefits of natural sea salt.  A heated all-year round healing pool must use the natural resources we have, such as salt water and solar energy for heating.   The pool will also combine the highest and most innovative functional and design standards, a ‘stand-out’ in its category.

A heated healing pool is not a luxury.

Rather, it is an essential facility for any community.

Pools are widely seen as a luxury item reserved for tourists, perhaps superfluous to our island lifestyle. As a result most pools on Corfu belong to hotels and private holiday accommodation that operate during the summer holiday season only.

The island’s heated pools are usually in private luxury hotel spas that ensure a 5 star status for the hotel.  Access to these pools for local residents is very limited, in particular for children under 16.

As well as providing a much-needed facility for local residents, a heated healing pool in Corfu represents a great opportunity for investment in the island as a therapeutic tourism destination.

However at this point we want to stress that any such pool should primarily focus on the benefit to the entire local community.


It is a sign of a healthy and well-functioning society that we identify a need that will benefit us all, and look for ways to make it happen.  We can’t expect public funding to pay for everything!

We are looking forward to hearingyour ideas and proposals for Corfu’s first community warm water healing pool!

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