Forgetfully, regretfully, reluctantly we arrive kicking and shoving.

Compressed, squeezed and twisted we somehow make it through to the other side.

The feeling of love is most often absent with only the instinct to survive.

The effort required for us to be born surmounts to climbing the tallest mountain before diving into the deepest ocean with no guarantee we will survive.

It’s not a pretty picture lived up in our head. Just getting used to gravity can feel like lead.

Not everyone makes it but most of us do.

With a push and a shove we come out alone in a world we can barely see.

The pressure alone has done things to my head.

Chemicals, loud noises, bumps and strange vibes come to greet me before our own mother’s eyes.

Spiritual incentives, divine plans and twin flames have all gone out with the fall.

A shity start is almost guaranteed.

So why come out at all?

Am I a boy or am I a girl?

Is there any love in this at all?

Boom, boom I feel her heart beat and I reach out for my food.

Bounce, bounce I discover my own body as my senses unfold.

Where do others finish and where do I begin?

Can someone please help me hear my own heartbeat so I know how to go within?

The world comes out to meet me and I shrink and I will fall, depending on how I got here will tell me how to make sense of this all.

As I learn to breath I find my own tempo and what makes me, me.

The more I persevere the more I find.

Extraordinary levels of acceptance and forgiveness are required if I am to come to terms with it all.

But now I know that when I go to vulnerable places I no longer have to be alone.

As I heal my birth trauma the more I want to live and become part of it all.

Boing, boing I find my bounce,

Boom, boom I find my own heart beat,

As I merge spirit with matter

I become more of who I am.

Thank you water for remembering it all.

An AQUATIC EMBODIMENT session can support you in remembering and embodying more of who you already are.

Sophia Michalopoulou is an aquatic therapist and educator who works in water with perinatal themes.

For more information you may contact her directly at