Our first breath can feel like dying.

Am I coming alive or am I drowning?

Before I was one but now I am separate.

Before, I was immersed in a warm liquid.

Now I feel empty and cold.

Her familiar heartbeat is now often distant.

The vibrations which provided instant communication are now being lost in translation.

I don’t yet get verbal communication.

Before there was nowhere to go but now I don’t know which way to go.

My body has been through immense pressure and strain.

I am unfolding from containment to straightening out.

From a curled up ball, I am becoming long and eventually tall.

I am so new and yet I remember more than you.

Love still feels unconditional as I don’t perceive myself as separate.

I can sense so much more than my unformed brain.

I have the potential to speak every language possible,

But in six months it will all be gone by.

I’ve come into this life but as yet I don’t know why.

I don’t know what I like and what I can do with this body of mine,

So help me find it all out.

I don’t want to become another you nor someone that fits in.

Stay in your heart so that I can listen to my own.

Allow me to listen to my own rhythm and pace,
so that I know which path is mine to follow.

So that I can trust myself more than another,
so that I can be aligned with my own truth
and the unique gifts I bring into this world.

Show me the pleasures and joys of life, teach me how to endure the challenges.

Connect me to nature which is my nature,

Take me to the water,

And I will remember the rest.