They say a dream finds you not you a dream.

A dream not in the Freudian sense of the word but in the heart knowing, soul expanding, visionary kind.

A dream that resonates with your soul’s vibration in this time and space, requires attentive listening, trust in oneself and faith in the way to hear it, see it in the first place.

Time is needed for you to even recognize that it’s the Dream. It follows you like a shadow and pops in and out of your consciousness with visions, sounds and smells.

It tries to communicate with you on every heart opening occasion.

To believe in your dream and that it is real is part of the dreaming becoming a vision.

To feel ready to share it with the world and to be grounded enough to manifest it in the physical dimension I must follow its natural course.

And so it is with the Dreamtime.

I often doubted if I had the resilience, the courage and enough faith to bring the dream all the way through into the here and now, in this lifetime.

The dream in me persisted even if it seemed impossibly magical at first.

Perhaps I even thought of myself as crazy, frivolous and an ungrounded day dreamer.

But the dream had chosen its dreamer well.

For these things are agreed on in another time and space.