Byron Katie once posted the following quote ‘A Birth Certificate does not mean you are Born’. Personally I feel like I’m only just ‘touching the ground’ and I’m forty five years old. I’ve witnessed how being born does not mean you are Born nor does it mean inhabiting one’s body.

What does being grounded mean? Why is it beneficiary and when is it not?

It is most noticeable when a child is not grounded. Difficulty in concentrating, sitting still in one’s body, unclear communication and restless sleep can all be results of not being grounded. Dangerously these ‘symptoms’ can easily lead to box like labels such ADD and even autism.

I would go as far as saying that most adults have led an entire life being not grounded. And there are plenty of reasons not to be.

Certain facets of society thrive on not fully inhabiting our bodies. Artists for example are credited for their out of body interpretations. Religious figures and other mind centered occupations have a loose identification with their bodies too.

Not identifying with our bodies could be the highest form of spiritual awareness. Inhabiting our bodies consciously and fully, however, is a life path of self-mastery.

Some people eat to stay grounded, focused and balanced. Others use smoking to the same effect. Others will do their utmost not to feel the ‘heaviness’ and density of being grounded and dare I say the responsibility of being so. Being grounded also brings emotions into play as well as denser memories that are more difficult to process than their more light headed counterparts.

There are social movements that adhere to bare foot living for they claim that modern lifestyles have disconnected us from the earth beneath our feet.

We could also claim that the way we give birth and the way we are being born into this physical world does little to help us inhabit our bodies. Unless the inhernet trauma involved in being born is addressed, we cannot be fully alive. Schools pay little attention to such matters and so most of us end up living in our heads.

Grounding is important if we are to live our life to the fullest and to attempt to express the maximum of our individual capacity.

Most people are doing pretty well without it. Being grounded further into one’s body however would be grounding a larger amount of information, experiences and even our capacity to love would increase. Like a human cup opening to be filled with even more of life’s juices we can either live with a cup half full or fill it up until it’s overflowing.

Inhabiting our bodies fully into a grounded existence whilst at the same time maintaining high frequency consciousness is what is bringing through the until now invisible reality we have been working so hard to give life to.

When we take part in physical exercise, when we climb trees or swim in the sea, when we massage, hug and tickle all over, when we sing and laugh and bounce around we come back into our bodies.

When we can’t go out we might think of a tree and its roots travelling down deep into the earth beneath our feet, we might lie on the floor and wriggle like worms feeling the heaviness of our bodies upon the floor.

To ground these days when spending time indoors might ask for a bit more of our attention. Energy flows were our intention goes so lets find some time to wriggle those toes. In fancy words this is called EMBODIMENT. The more present we are the less easy it is for our fears to carry us away. We were born to be alive!