If I was to admit to being worried about the state of 3D reality here on earth, I would probably concede by saying that the melting of the polar icebergs is one of the images that disturbs me the most. It is about water after all.

I felt like sharing how I recently connected to a crystalline paradigm that managed to turn this negative image around for me, to one that evolves me and reconnects me with hope rather than fear.

I am the creator of my own reality after all and it takes but a change of thought to create a new world.

The state of our consciousness has frequently been represented as an iceberg, the tip of which is the conscious part and what lies beneath the water’s surface, is all the unconscious processes we have yet to clear or indeed the potential we have yet to tap into.


Much of what is called our ‘awakening’ is about making the unconscious, conscious. To bring to the surface all of that which determines so much of our behaviors, our beliefs and our instincts, so that it may too see the light.

Here too, beneath the water’s surface, layers upon layers of dormant ice, keep a record of a collective consciousness that has gone for so long unchecked. It is only in the past decade that a significant amount of the global population has been consciously ‘working’ to clear it from fear and denser thought forms.

This kind of personal processing requires deep diving, a lot of courage and the willingness to face our deepest fears. Perhaps fear itself arises out of the unknown, out of the very fact that so much of our psyche is unaccounted for or undiscovered.

Not knowing how we will react, how we will feel or in not wanting to stand accountable for our own salvation, we have allowed the unconscious to rest out of reach in deep waters. In seeking god on the outside, we have cultivated our own demons from the inside.

The image of the big monster rising from the deep is nothing more than our own fears of survival we have failed to be at peace with.

How to reach deep down inside, is the material taught on many paths. The willingness to be your own hero is a personal choice, however.

This stream of thought came through a rare Quartz Indigolite Crystal Temple (Blue Tourmaline) that looks much like an iceberg in this instance, to me. It holds space for a fearless consciousness at the time of a collective catastrophe in the distant past. It assists me, in other words, to move through deep seeded fears that have frozen in time.

With every fear that is liquefied from its frozen state, space is created for a new paradigm. Hopefully one of love, that has risen out of experience and understanding so that every cell in my body aligns with a higher vibration of conscious truth and love.

Today much appears to be in chaos and disintegration. Old structures, old thought forms, old archetypes are gradually being dismantled. Is the melting of the icebergs a sign too, that our inner iceberg is melting and merging into Oneness?

Are we collectively becoming more conscious of our entirety? This writing obviously has no quantitative scientific base to it, but is it not food for a happy thought on this longest night of the year?

This change of thought might not stop the icebergs from melting, but it might well see a future that is a conscious creator of its own predicament.

Any thoughts, feelings, reflections on this are most welcome?!