There are 750 known natural mineral springs in Greece many of which have been used since antiquity as places for healing and sacred ceremony.

Temperatures range from cold, very cold to very warm. Some waters are medicinal whilst bathing in others is only recommended for a matter of seconds. Many warm water springs have become very popular again in recent years such as those at Pozar near Eddessa, Langada in Thessaloniki and Edipsos on the island of Evvoia all of which attract a number of crowds both local and from afar.

A surplus of incredible beaches in Greece as well as a large number of seasonal swimming pools means that there is a distinct lack of heated pools in Greece any time of the year.

If you have the fortune to have encountered WATSU®, WATER DANCE®, HEALING DANCE® in your life or practice any other form of aquatic bodywork you are likely to find yourself feeling quite frustrated with the lack of appropriate facilities to practice what is undeniably a deep love or even a calling.

It is by exhausting the list of natural mineral springs published by the Hellenic Association of Municipalities with Thermal Springs that I arrived at the possibility of Smokovo Natural Warm Water Springs near Karditsa in central Greece.

It took the inviting gesture of a man called Mr. Daskalas and the promise of 35C in a peaceful environment for me to take the 3.5 hour journey past the city of Ioannina and the outer space like rocks of Meteora. The journey would at least be enjoyable if the destination did not turn out to be as hoped for.

As I started the 450m ascent towards Smokovo baths my heart began to feel at ease as I realised I was indeed on the right track. The energy emanating by the mountainous terrain was very pure.

Arriving early was the key as was the hearty welcome by Mr Andreas Daskalas. Smokovo baths have been a place for healing since antiquity but where established in 1662 by two local orthodox monks. Ali Pasha used them to treat his psoriasis as have many others since.

Yes, the water at Smokovo is 35C, it is peaceful, slightly sulfuric with a recommended stay of 45min, the special pool was built seven years ago at a depth of 1.60m surrounded by a forest of pine trees that strengthen my impression of this place as one of pure breath work.

What I liked about this place is that it is not trendy nor does it try to be. Its strength lies in its simplicity and the power of its healing waters. It is not a luxury spa nor does it claim to be. Three clean and clear guesthouses are part of the bath site. The energy today remains one of focused healing and contemplative respite.

Personally I can easily see myself spending time in the small nearby village of Loutropigi. It is a place for silent contemplation with the pleasure of practicing my passion nearby. Good clean food, the best baklava I’ve ever had and a feeling of deep contentment.

If you would like to visit Smokovo natural warm waters baths for your water healing practice I suggest you call in advance. Mr Andreas talked about the possibility of opening up the pool facilities out of hours that is before 10:00a.m. and after 18:00p.m. Pool entry costs 7euro and other facilities include Sauna, Jacuzzi, private bath tubs and special inhalation and nasal cleansing cubicles.

Mr Andreas who even opened up his house to us put it quite simply “thank you for making the effort to come and see us”!

All I can say in return Mr Andrea is after 32 years as a police officer in Athens thank you for having an open heart.


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