The Ocean of Devotion

Devotion I realise has been an attractive but allusive state of being for me.

At best I approached the subject with a mental attitude by which I tried to assess the value of what I was doing at any given time.

More recently I became to value the sacredness of my existence and devotion took on a more sentimental aspect based on my commitment to an inner path.

Currently I am experiencing devotion on a whole different wave length. A power so strong and overwhelming that little doubt or fear can stand in its path. Like huge waves whose ripples reach far and wide.

I am experiencing it as a source of energy that rises from being in love with who I am and how I express my Self. I feel it has to do with being aligned with a ‘given path’ which in turn allows me to express my fullest human potential simply by being aligned with who I Am.

When the heart is aligned with one’s purpose there is little consideration for time or money. The sense of pleasure and gratification derived from such a dedication feeds my heart and soul with a deep sense of nourishment. The expression of my devotion becomes one spiraling ocean of giving and receiving in which there is no separation as to which is which. Devotion becomes devocean.

In the ocean of devotion arises a greater sense of Godliness for miracles and love become the language of Devotion itself. The heights of love and joy that I experience through this state of grace are what fuel my devotion even further.

Devotion cannot be mentally imposed I realise. Devotion is. It rises and flows as a state of being in what one is at heart. I feel this devotion as a communion with God. It is between me and Me.

What excites me most is that by having experienced a spontaneous sense of devotion within myself I can begin to sense what it feels like to embrace another human being within the love of this devotion for the I of my ego ceases to exist.

Thank you water.