The power of our voices.

A voice touched me so deeply today I cried.

It pulled on a cord of soul cognition instantly and unexpectedly.

It wasn’t he but his voice that so uncannily resembled the voice of one already gone by.

A voice that no one has managed to come close to since she left.

I wasn’t a fan but she undoubtedly had a voice that you could recognize anywhere instantly through time and space.

In this single, brief instant today I connected to a feel of longing, of missing this ‘vibration’ that this voice transmitted.

Almost like a frequency that came and went and in doing so allowed us a glimpse of heaven in its wake.

Perhaps a longing for those memories that came with it.

But it was more about the power of a voice to awaken, to connect, to reduce us to the essence of who we are in one holy instant.

We don’t all come with big, famous, life changing voices but we all have a unique sound.

One that was released into the universe the moment of our conception.

A cry at birth that could only be us.

A scream, a shout, a laugh or a sigh that has our unique signature resonance transmitting at all time.

It is not something fixed or unchangeable. We can cultivate, refine and consciously occupy our voice.

It is a powerful tool beyond measure.

Becoming aware of how we transmit asks that we listen to our sound.

All too often we use our voices to disempower ourselves and others.

Record your voice, silence it, amplify it, share it, get to know it.

How do others respond? Can a shift in tone, trigger a shift in a response?

The pool can be a place to open up that bottled up voice. Above and below water.

The more we occupy our voices, the more of ourselves we become.

Allow children to explore the power of their voices through directed song, movement and play.

Sound resonates with our energetic body and is a way to help us assimilate and integrate more of it, as well as to maintain it on a healthy vibrational level.

Learning Through Transmission is all about vibration asking to be expressed.

It’s all about energy being transmitted.

„You are the center of everything. Everything that happens around you, comes from you. Your vibration is like a wave, creating ripples and moving on. You are the vibration of Life itself.”