Nope we definitely don’t have the right swimming pool conditions. But perhaps what we do have is far more important than that.

We don’t have the right atmospheric temperature and often not the right water temperature, it’s not the right colour, not the right shape nor is it a child friendly swimming pool, we don’t have the ideal equipment, nor a lifeguard on duty nor enough available hours, parents aren’t allowed in the pool and the list goes on and on from there.

I’ve compromised myself and on behalf of others a lot, but not after having fought for what I could change. I’ve been angry, frustrated and sad. I still do get that way often about the state of the only children’s water hole on the island.

Skipping out of here just isn’t a feasible option right now though I think about it every day. I love what I do far too much to give up, plus I know that every tiny little bit helps.

Here’s what we do have in Corfu that might just prove to be far more important than the ‘right’ swimming pool conditions:

  • A preschool that is based on the principles of love and respect.
  • A preschool that supports our work in the water year round and even puts up a pool during the summer months.
  • A swimming team that says yes to being #waterhappy and opens up the way for us.
  • The opportunity to observe and develop a combination of land and water based learning.
  • Six professional educators lending their support and point of view at any given moment.
  • Some amazing children and supportive parents that are willing to brave it and give it a try.
  • We still have water available to us and it is enough to learn to dip and dive.
  • We can still transmit our love of water and splash in its joy.
  • We will learn how to swim.

And if after all the toughness and roughness we make it through, it will have been because we really, really love water.

Because we really tried and we were really determined and in doing so we learnt to commit. Because we loved and loved some more our hearts grew stronger and wider and deeper.

And wherever we go after this, swimming will seem easier, lighter, a piece of cake.

We are #waterhappy and grateful at that!

Thank you water.