Or, in other words, moving towards a unified consciousness.

The following blog post was written in September 2019. Perhaps it is the result of our technological global village or the ripples from the future already being felt that the need for togetherness or indeed the lack of was being strongly felt. The ripple effect of the actions of one on the many has never been more clearly demonstrated than preventing the spread of a virus. What was apparent to some in the background suddenly came to the forefront as the primary survival mechanism. By staying at home I was contributing to flattening a curve which was affecting the whole planet.

The current pandemic has brought us closer together in an unimaginable way.

Small, usually rural communities have been practising for years now, different forms of sustainable lifestyles while figuring out what works and what doesn’t in terms of sharing, exchanging or bartering their goods and resources. Apart from the practicalities of working together as a team, tribe or village community, are the socio-emotional aspects of coming together. This is usually where the flow gets interrupted. Moving from me to we faces a number of hurdles which no one seems to have found a complete answer for.

We are working towards a unified field of consciousness and whatever stands in its way is showing up to be cleared.

It appears to be that the closer we get to the ‘center’ or from a me to a we, the deeper the challenges which arise and at the same time the deeper the healing value of the emotions and insights experienced. Our own values and levels of integrity are being questioned like never before asking as to align and realign our loyalty with that which we believe to be the truth of our existence.

In a circle, fears can be triggered asking us to respond from a place of empowered wisdom rather than trauma and victimhood while maintaining a trusting heart rather than a calculating mind. The practice is ongoing with every choice being made having the potential to empower our own as well as the collective resolve.

The reduced or no financial income faced by thousands around the world will ask us to work together locally to find solutions for our food, health and even shelter.

From years of practising sharing in circles be they professional team environments, spiritual gatherings or creative nights by the fire, the same challenges in our being together arise. Understanding how a circle works as opposed to a linear or pyramidal structure is a mental shift in itself. Leaders will naturally be leaders and followers the same but in a circle, there is a space for many leaders all in their field of expertise with the understanding that their leadership is meant to empower everyone because together we make an even bigger difference than alone.

Where we might all have been taking liberties in the past or cut corners which result in being out of alignment and integrity are no longer left to pass by the rising energy frequencies and the dynamics of the circle. Our commitment and connectivity within ourselves and with each other are being worked upon by the needs of a circle. This is no easy task. The ego prefers to roam free and unaccountable for its behaviour particularly in relation to others.

This is the ‘work’ in moving from me to we.

Truth, trust, authenticity, integrity and the ability to remain open are some of the core values we are being called to strengthen through the everyday experience of life itself so that they become the new human function ‘programme’. This is where I feel we are all in or out of service to the whole. The foundations of being able to function within a circle are laid within early family structures. The following are skills which we might need to practice in order to be a we:

  • Knowing what our own truth is so that we don’t feel lost amongst others
  • Being able to stand up for our truth even if we fear being rejected
  • Trusting ourselves so that we can trust others in our vulnerability
  • Knowing when to wait our turn
  • You don’t always get your way. The end result in a circle is usually an amalgamation of many ideas.
  • If you don’t participate, action cannot be taken. Standing on the outside looking in doesn’t work either.
  • In a circle you are faced with the consequences of your actions or behaviours faster than living alone.
  • Keep showing up at the table.

Faced by the opinions of many where you would have acted alone before, is a brave act. It takes will, commitment and determination to succeed in a circle. The increased ‘pressure’ can trigger our family patterns, our traumas and bring our past experiences of separation, isolation, betrayal, abandonment to the surface ultimately to be assessed, addressed and healed.

“Past trauma compromises our ability to engage with others by replacing patterns of connection with patterns of protection” Stephen Porges.

That’s why the integrity and compassion of the circle is paramount.

  • How am I received in the circle?
  • Are my ideas respected even if they are not agreed with?
  • Am I supported in my strengths as well as my weaknesses?
  • Will I receive a fair exchange for my efforts?

This evolutionary process is uncomfortable but the shift is happening anyway whether we are liking it or not.

Water provides the blueprint for a unified field of consciousness. It is a naturally unified field allowing us to totally submerge and immerge lighter, softer and more integrated. It helps us align all our multidimensional parts while cleansing that which we are letting go of. Because of its multidimensional nature water is helping us move through this evolutionary moment in human history with more ease.

Have a bath, take showers, jump in the sea, sit by a lake. Water is responsive, reflective and communicative. Water loves, remembers and heals. Water connects us with ourselves and with others too. Water is showing up so strongly in new healing modalities which are faster and deeper while remaining pleasurable because it is the element of the future.

Similarly, trees are offering us a sense of balance and grounded connections, animals are helping us connect to our hearts… Mother nature is our safety zone for regaining a trusted and renewed sense of connection. Multidimensional living is tricky business. Increasing energy frequencies, our own illusions of time and the apparent environmental pressures are condensing our cellular structures and nervous systems to a more crystalline form so that ultimately we may contain more ‘light’.

Examples of how the energy is now pushing for a unified field are everywhere. Separation is more and more evident forcing us to work together to find solutions. Isolation has been so intensely felt that we are now reaching out for help and support. New networks are forming seeking solutions to common challenges. Climate changes are bringing us closer together too. That’s the plan!

We are living in a brave new world and just when we are ready to give up, give in or turn back….the new level of awareness arises.

As always I look forward to your thoughts and reflections or indeed different experiences of being in a circle. Please write to me at