TUNE IN Adult Classes

TUNE IN is a brand NEW adult class at Swim Works, Leamington Spa and a great way to start the New Year with clarity and intent.

This class is for men and women and it’s all about allowing the water to support you in more ways than one. 

Essentially,when we TUNE IN to water, we TUNE IN to ourselves.

The rhythm and tempo of this class ranges from feeling relaxed, playful and empowered through the use of our breath and conscious movement in the pool.

It is ideal for people seeking to reconnect to a sense of self by taking things slow and for people who love and appreciate the benefits of being in water:

These include:
Better sleep
Breathe easy
Emotional balance
Focus and clarity

Sense of Connection

This is also a great class to take if you are not a confident swimmer.

Water is a natural environment that enhances our ability to TUNE IN to ourselves.

Water is calm, soft and yielding and helps our bodies return to a similar state.

TUNE IN classes are a way of ‘paying attention’ to ourselves and what is happening within. This way we can better regulate our needs and our responses to them.

When we TUNE IN as a response to our surroundings we might be assessing the water temperature, light intensity, the volume of our voices, time pressure, our breath and energy levels through our various senses.

The more skilled we become at tuning in to ourselves and to our environment the easier it is to live a healthy and happy life.

Join us for a FREE taster on Wednesday 9th January 2019 and receive a 25% discount if you join us for the eight week course to follow every Wednesday until 6th March.

A single drop-in class costs £8.50 per person.

Here’s what Catherine said about her recent experience of a TUNE IN class:

“I totally switched off from thinking about work, family, my “to do” list….I just simply stopped. I listened. I breathed. I felt the water on my body. I genuinely felt invigorated afterwards and realized I need to spend more time focusing on me & my well-being. I absolutely loved it, thank you!”