There’s London time and Athens time.

And then there is a time to sleep, to eat and a time to make love.

There’s Facebook time and Facetime and then there’s Real-Time.

The boundaries between which is which have been getting more and more blurred for some time now with more and more ‘inauthenticity’ leaking into what’s true and real communication.

There are the tides of the sea and the four-season cycles and then there is this Summer Solstice and a Total Full Moon Eclipse and if you are not feeling it then it’s great you are reading this post.

There’s Christmas and New Year, there’s Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s day and then apparently not much on again until Halloween of the same year.

There’s a time to be born and then there is a way to save time and make money. There’s an artificial time which is absolute and helpful to coordinate ourselves by and then there is Natural Time.

Every time a child is born out of their natural time we have been contributing to the divide between natural time and artificial time.

Currently, we are seeing the results of living life out of synch with ourselves, the natural rhythms of nature and the natural cycles of our own bodies.

Every time we transgress a child’s unique rhythm and tempo we are saying your time does not matter. At which point in our educational systems do we honour a child’s natural time?

Seldom is a child invited to unfold in her own time for we all are the results of a time which has been dictated by efficiency and the speed of production. We are now quicker to respond to an email than our own personal needs.

For Water Happy, Learning Naturally involves learning to listen to Nature so that we can flow with her natural cycles of time.

Natural Time is the time dictated by nature which shows us when the time is ripe, when the energy is full or empty for a seed to be conceived, for a project to unfold or for a tree to blossom, for a flower to bloom or a child to be born.

There are the macro planetary alignments and our micro human resonance which puts us in or out of synch with Earth’s living and breathing galaxy. Her cycles are our cycles, Her waters’ ebb and flow are our waters’ too.

We have measured ourselves and our children against the value of money for so long that now the wounds we have inflicted upon ourselves are weeping and our system ruled by artificial time is struggling to keep it together.

In water, time behaves differently than on land. Water eases us into our bodies and helps us tune in to our own time once again.

Have you ever had the feeling of going for a swim and being lost in time? Most people who work in water professionally, especially in the sea, need to track time very precisely as it is so easy to lose sight of.

It is incredibly liberating to lose track of time. To let go of a measure of counting which binds us together in a perception of the outside world rather than what is true and real to our own inner tempo.

Water helps us better tune in with ourselves as well as another. We learn to ride the waves of time together in moments of heightened synchronicity and then to let go again into chaos and abstraction all of which are natural cycles of time.

Water Happy works with water physically, emotionally, cognitively and energetically to address our multidimensional nature. Time is one of the parameters which binds all of our being together again.

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