Water is the natural element which acts as a medium for CONNECTION.

Because of its inherent properties it carries the natural blueprint for a unified field of consciousness.

It is not just the physicality of water that makes it so but also water’s AQUATIC INTELLIGENCE.

It seeps into our skins when we are in a body of water and it brings us back into ourselves like no other element does.

Water softens and helps us flow, reconnecting us with the wholeness of ourselves rather than the separate sense of self.

It is the juice between our bones, the liquid in our veins and the fluids running through our bodies.

In modern societies, the feeling of ‘aloneness’ is reaching epidemic proportions.

Phones and the internet have taken over a face to face chat and a familiar touch of the skin.

The feeling of isolation brings on depression and the more we stay out of touch the more difficult it becomes to re-connect.

Water is meeting the urgent need for human CONNECTION.

In the same way:

Water connects continents.

Water connects us to the natural environment.

Water connects people.

Water connects embryos to their mothers.

Water connects us with our selves.

It connects us with our bodies, our emotions, our feelings and even our thoughts.

Water connects brain synapses.

Water connects us with our sensations.

Water connects us in relationship to each other.

Water connects us to memories both personal and collective.

Water connects us to our ancestors.

Water connects matter with spirit.

Water connects us with other dimensions of consciousness.

Water connects us through time.

Water connects us together in social interaction.

Water connects us.

By working with water rather than just in it we are exploring the connective properties of water and how water is the element of our times, needed to bring us closer together with ourselves and with eachother.

Together we make a difference.