“Appreciating the value of water in raising our conscious awareness of ourselves.”

WATER CONSCIOUS is a 4-week Workshop for Aquatic Educators and Therapists starting every Wednesday from 10th of February to 3rd March at 20:00 ATHENS time to 21:30.

This Workshop will deepen your conscious awareness of water and consequently your experience of working with it. Water contains, amplifies and reflects what we are bringing to it.

As well as gaining a more expanded understanding of water as a learning and therapeutic environment, we will also be reflecting on ourselves and our own practices in water.

What are you bringing to the water? We will be diving deeper into ourselves physically, emotionally and energetically. Every class starts with a theoretical part, includes exercises to practice alone or together and a reflective component at the end which allows for questions and answers.

By the end of this workshop you will feel more present and self-aware, inspired and equipped with new ideas, tips and tools to include in your life as well as in your water practices.

You will also feel calmer and more empowered to facilitate change in yourself and in others. Each class will be recorded if you cannot join live and will be sent to you so you can catch up or review in your own time.

For registration please send us a wave at iamwaterhappy@gmail.com.

You can also connect to a monthly online WATER CONSCIOUS Circle for free with the intention of connecting and sharing with other water-conscious people from around the world.

You can follow the event link on the Water Happy Facebook event page.

Water Happy is also calling an annual WATER CONSCIOUS Gathering at Corfu Buddha Hall on 1st and 2nd of October which you can join in person.

More coming soon on this heart call initiative in service to humanity.