Moving forward some things will no longer be of value. Hopefully, we will have realized that our love, health and togetherness are more important than anything which can be bought.

In many instances, spending more time together as a family or even the time we’ve had to spend apart would have asked us to think about what our true values as a person and as a family are. I’m sure that in many instances, it will have not been easy.

Have you taken this time to think and feel into how you would like to move forward as a family?

Aligning with our core values, priorities and practices as a family can come from spending quality time together. These are not things which get passed on by default, most schools, through a paid carer or over the phone. If we have been privileged enough to afford our food and shelter at this time perhaps we can afford to dedicate some of our time on intentionally strengthening the quality of our togetherness.

One family at a time creates a ripple effect for everyone.

For me, I now know beyond any doubt, that the old learning ‘shoe’ is tethered and no longer fits me. Its vibration is out of synch with me and so I am sure it so for babies and children who are more sensitive than you and I.

So I’ve been asking myself how do I wish to serve children and their families in moving forward? How do I want to contribute to the future we wish to create?

  • The Sun will rise and it will set and I will be there to witness it. What together we witness becomes our shared reality. You are welcome to join us on the island of Kerkyra (Corfu), Greece.
  • The sea shall inhale and exhale and I will be there to feel it. Together we breathe, together we listen and together we shall feel into what is. It is easier and more fun when we practice these essential skills for new life together.
  • Babies and children will arrive to commune with water and with themselves. I can hold safe space for you and for them in water. Allowing them to take the lead in their learning, we can observe and learn from their new ways.
  • Parents, you too shall come to the water because your children will be calling you back to nature to keep your vibration high. Together we shall do the work it takes to un-learn, re-learn and to grow as a conscious global family. Within family we learn how Me becomes We.
  • As a family, you will play, learn and thrive together growing roots for the new tomorrow. We shall laugh and we shall dance for we will no longer serve what is of no value. We are here to practice a heart-based living. Together we will make a difference.
We’re in this together.

Babies and children do not perceive themselves as separate, their love is undivided until they have been shown otherwise.

Babies and children will urgently need to reconnect to nature, to find their bare feet upon the earth and feel their bare skin immersed in water so they can feel fully alive.

They deserve every bit of our self-healing, our kind and tender affection and our imperfectly perfect truth, for it is they that will live the future upon this Earth.

May we be forgiven for the state we are handing it over to them.

During this unique and unprecedented time, we have witnessed the power of our shared caring and love. We will not simply be able to brush our recent global call for solidarity under the carpet.

Hopefully, after this collective experience, we will naturally gravitate to sharing joy together, to appreciate every sunset, every touch, every single drop of water.

I would love to hear how this time at home with your children has brought about a new awareness and realigned your core truth and values? I agree doing family ‘work’ is not easy.

I am certain that we are going through a huge evolutionary leap which is asking us to shift, adapt and change in new ways with all the difficulties and challenges new and rapid growth entails. We are all being asked to dig deep within ourselves one way or another.

It is empowering to know that when it comes down to what truly matters the power resides within us and not outside of us.

Together we learn, together we rise, together we make a difference.

Water Happy Families will take place in the sea and in the pool either as an individual family circle or with other families in a bigger circle.

For bookings and enquiries please contact Sophia at iamwaterhappy@gmail.com

For accommodation inquiries if you are coming from overseas please contact info@greencorfu.com