Water Happy Holidays

We inspire people to love water and themselves by providing unique and exclusive aquatic experiences.

To love water we must first feel safe and comfortable ourselves. To support our children and families in water requires our full presence and attentiveness.

Corfu Island has some of the most beautiful, crystal clear waters in the world. Waters that are also very safe for families and small children and people who are not very confident in the water as yet.

Our Aquatic Escapes range from swimming with a mermaid tail in open water, snorkelling from a boat or simply floating in different waters around the mermaid-shaped island of Corfu enjoying the pleasures of the Ionian Sea.

We provide exclusive family workshops and retreats in the sea or swimming pool so that everyone is happily introduced to the element of water.

This could be the summer your child learns to swim!

Individual aquatic sessions can include a more relaxing floatation in warm water or one which aims to integrate unresolved personal issues.

Supported through our breath and water’s gentle meditation we are able to gently release stress and return cleansed and reinvigorated back to life.

Activities can also include snorkelling, stand up paddling, fun and games, boat adventures, pedalos, storytelling on the beach at sunset and so much more.

Sophia Michalopoulou is a professional aquatic therapist and educator and these Ionian waters are her home. Her work today, involves the ways water helps us evolve and embody more of who we are from birth.

To enquire about our customised workshops and retreats for families and friends please contact us at iamwaterhappy@gmail.com

By assessing your individual needs we provide you with the best support possible in the water while having an unforgettable experience.

We work with:

  • babies and young children who are being introduced to the sea or the element of water for the first time
  • adults and children who want to learn to swim or simply enjoy the sea
  • adults or children who have a fear of water
  • families who wish to spend quality time together enjoying the water safely
  • men and women who wish to discover an expanded version of themselves through the element of water

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