Water Happy School

We inspire people to love water and themselves.

To love water we must first feel safe and comfortable in ourselves. To support our children and families in water requires our full presence and attentiveness. We develop and engage in mindful practices while learning together to love water. Water is our happy place.

Water Happy people are people who are happy in water.

Water happy is a positive approach to being with water while listening to the time and ways people need to form a good relationship with water and with themselves. Feeling seen, listened to and in turn respected for your choices, is often enough to make one feel safe whatever your age.

We work WITH water rather than just swim in it.

Water itself listens, reflects and therefore communicates what it is we are feeling. Water can teach us to listen to ourselves and our emotions. Water Happy supports an emotional approach to being with water individually as well as a family and in a group. As parents and educators, we ask ourselves what are we bringing to the water?

The Water Happy approach says, love water and you will want to learn how to swim.

Fall in love with the sensation of floating, the underwater silence or the feeling on your skin and you will swim. Learning here is organic, intrinsic to each individual and unfolds from within; As we learn to sit, listen and feel water we are forming a life-long relationship to water as a way of the heart.

We aim to be Water Happy any day as a way of living life itself.

When we learn with water rather than just in it we learn how to commune with nature, how to respect and appreciate it too. We learn in the pool and in the sea, we learn to embrace each and every wave and to breathe it through with an open heart. We learn when it is safe to explore, to venture out into deeper waters and when it best to rest at shore.

Thank you water.

If you would like to know more about our Water Happy education programme either as a parent, an aquatic professional or swim school please contact Sophia Michalopoulou at iamwaterhappy@gmail.com.

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