#Waterhappy develops workshops and teaching material that addresses the 5th dimension in an aquatic environment because energy matters.

Our intention is to support both children from infancy onwards, as well as adults, through this evolutionary stage of development that is asking us to upgrade our educational approach to learning as well as to ourselves, so that we can meet human beings in their entirety.

By focusing on what we consider to be SKILLS FOR LIFE that elicit learning from the inside out, we allow children’s authentic self and human potential to come through rather than just repeating what we think they should learn.

In this aquatic approach we can develop a sense of self that is not just physical, we can better understand our likes and dislikes including all our emotions and develop a sensory awareness that comes from feeling and listening to water.

There are two fundamental structural guidlines to the #waterhappy approach:

1. We work with water rather than just in it because water has it own ‘aquatic intelligence”.

2. It’s all about us. The work we do with ourselves will result in changes in our children as well as in the past, future and the present.

By developing a conscious relationship to water we are developing a conscious relationship with ourselves. What we bring to the water consciously or not, is what we transmit to others.

WATER is the element which helps make this evolutionary transition easier by making the non-physical dimension more tangible and therefore more easily understood by a wider range of people.

#Waterhappy workshops and 1-2-1 sessions are experiential. They ask that we assume responsibility for our own understanding by doing and feeling the work ourselves.

If you would like to know more about our introductory workshops and training programme please send a message to sophiamichalopoulou@yahoo.com and we’ll get right back to you.