Water Happy people are people who are happy in water.

Did you know that when we smile there is a positive feedback loop that goes back to the brain and reinforces our feeling of joy?

It is impossible to smile or feel happy when we are nervous or scared, or when we are pushed to do things we don’t like.

In fact all subtle facial nuances testify to how we are feeling on the inside. But are we actually taking the time to notice?

When in water it is crucial we take the time to read these authentic reactions to how people feel on the inside in order to meet them where they are at.

Feeling seen and having our needs met are fundamental to feeling #waterhappy.

This positive approach to being in water listens to the time and ways people need to feel safe because it is impossible to feel happy if we don’t feel safe.

Feeling listened to and in turn respected for our choices, is often enough to make one feel happy whatever our age.

Rather than imposing our pre-conceived ideas about what people should be able to learn or how they should behave, the #waterhappy approach says love water and you will swim.

Learning here is organic, intrinsic to each individual and unfolds from within.

When we seek to understand another, the better we come to know ourselves and vice versa. This is when a feeling of ‘connection’ can really take place.

Feeling connection with another is fundamental to our feeling happy. ‘Tuning into’ another is something we do naturally but not often consciously.

The #waterhappy approach asks that we sit, listen and feel to what another person is ‘transmitting’ without using words. Non-verbal communication is a language we can all learn to speak.

It is most effective in communicating with babies and people who don’t use language as their primary mode of communication, because it speaks from the heart rather than the mind.

Being Water Happy is a way of living life itself.

At Aqua Sensory we found a kindred spirit. The kind of ethos that speaks from the heart and the kind of passion that fires our imagination.

We believe that together we can make a difference and that synergy is better than working apart.

These are the kind of ‘transmissions’ we want to bring to the water this coming NEW year.

What in fact are we ‘transmitting’ in water? Do we take the time to self-reflect? The results we are getting in water are largely a reflection of what we are bringing to the pool.

Our introductory workshop puts us, as aquatic professionals to the forefront by asking “Are you, Water Happy?”

Being #waterhappy is about fine-tuning our sense of self. Water can teach us to listen to ourselves and what we are feeling.

If you would like to organise a Water Happy workshop at your venue please contact us at iamwaterhappy@gmail.com