We are energy contained within a human body. The challenge is to integrate the energy available to us so that we can express it fully through our embodiment of it.

If for various reasons we are unable to contain aspects of that energy, disharmony arises and we are limiting our ability to live life in full.

Water assists the embodiment process in many ways. It temporarily relieves us of the effects of gravity which makes it more comfortable for us to be in our bodies.

Water allows for a different range of movement and speed that help us express more aspects of who we are and to safely develop parts of ourselves that for one reason or another stayed behind.

The breath is actively engaged, memory is easily accessed and emotions surface fluidly which make water a very potent therapeutic environment.

“Water remembers, water loves, water heals”

Water engages and amplifies energy making it easier for us to communicate in a way that resonates emotionally rather than cognitively.  In water, we are more unified by our common ability to breathe rather than our ability to behave, move or understand in a certain way.

The natural qualities of water offer a sensory experience that is playful, whatever our age, and for many is connected to pleasant memories of joy.

We are in water during our fluid beginnings in utero, but we can easily continue to be in the water as newborns and share the experience with our entire family in child-led baby swimming classes.

This means that in water we can address human embodiment from a very young age and meet any needs that immerged during our birth journey, early.

An #aquaticembodiment  session does not require that you know how to swim. It is for any age or any ability. In fact, it encourages us to love water, to tune in and connect to it with our breath rather than skill.

A one-to-one session can be as fluid and varied as water itself or it can follow a sequence of movements. It can be a playful way to face our fears, it can be a sensitive way to approach challenging emotions or it can simply provide silent support for much-needed rest.

Water helps us address themes that run deep into our psyche and cellular memory, releasing embodied awareness and change that manifests in our lives in an empowering way.

Sophia Michalopoulou is an aquatic therapist and educator, currently based at the Swim Works International Aquatic Centre at Royal Leamington Spa.

She is working with Aqua Sensory’s Research & Development programme on the ways in which water helps us embody more of who we are.

To book a private session or for information on training workshops and courses please contact her at iamwaterhappy@gmail.com. For UK residents call (+44) 07466 366 801

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