“Love like water”

This phrase is spoken within circles of the water family. It is beautiful and deeply profound.

Personally I use it when I wish to express the magnitude of what I experience in water. Often I am at a loss for words of my own.

So where did it come from? How did it rise to the surface?

Harold Dull is the creator of WATSU®. The first form of Aquatic Body work to be officially registered and taught as a modality in its own right.

He is now eighty and carries within him a lifelong wisdom of holding others in reverence on land and in water.

The following piece of poetry written by Dull was titled A MARRIAGE MANUAL:
Be with your other in your freedom.
Love the freedom of you other
And all that it blossoms into.
Be flexible.
Be in the moment.
Be present.
Have no expectations.
Love is as shape-changing as water.
The still pond is beautiful.
Waves wash up on the shore in ever new ways.
Water yields,
Gives away,
Surrounds whatever enters,
and allows it to move on through.
Hold like water.
Love like water.
When water is everywhere it has no goal.
Is the ocean here just to break on our shore?
And if it doesn’t break is there no ocean?
( Extract from Harold Dull “Watsu Freeing the Body in Water” 2004)

A love like Water is beyond any specific form, modality or technique.

It is beyond you or me.

Water is an element with its own innate intelligence. Some claim it is altogether from elsewhere than earth.

It is conductive, connective and responsive.

It is reflective and therefore shows me where I am on my path to love.

Am I free or do I still hold on to goal?

A water kind of love is All Embracing. Accepting. Forgiving. Unconditional. Penetrating. Permeating. Flowing. Yielding.

As a reflection of you or I, it can also be stagnate, frozen or murky. It can be controlling, contrived and even domineering.It might be tentative, timid or shy. Gentle, soft, soothing.

I am still exploring the depths of this infinite love….

What kind of love is water showing up for you?