Going around with a smile on one’s face because circumstances demand it whilst emotionally a storm is going on inside is an example of unclaimed energy.

Like an ostrich with one’s head in the ground we think that others can’t feel the storm within, but, a sensitive person particularly young children who naturally have open energy fields will feel it as clear as day light.

Of course it is not always possible to align the inside with the outside but we humans have the tendency to either deny a big part of us because it is too difficult to look at or we leave it for a later time usually until circumstances catch up with us and demand that we take our heads out of the ground or sometimes water.

Unclaimed energy can be larger than the energy we are conscious of and therefore responsible for how people or circumstances react to us.

I might believe I’m happy but haven’t claimed the part of me that is unhappy. This unclaimed energy is the creator of my reality. It is difficult and risky to show another person this unclaimed energy because it is exactly that which has been displaced for uncomfortable reasons so usually its best that we see it for ourselves.

It can be a conscious or an unconscious denial of one’s self but either way it is a choice we each make for ourselves.

Unclaimed energy seems to become heavier when we are already on a “spiritual” path perhaps because consciousness seems to carry more weight or our shadow becomes bigger as the light increases. Yes we can take it all in our stride why would we want to push ourselves and suffer right? The point is that we are already suffering.

What if we could harness this unclaimed energy and use it constructively rather than allowing it to linger over us like heavy clouds?

I’m not sure what this could look like yet or even if anyone has the right to neutralize others’ unclaimed energy and turn into energy that generates new potential for example or can send all that rubbish to some specialized recycling plant.

What I do know is that taking responsibility for our rubbish starts from within, that it’s a messy business but definitely rewarding and that unclaimed energy has a lot of potential once released.

Finally all it takes is to say “yes I am responsible for this energy” to turn unclaimed energy into claimed energy. It doesn’t even need to be changed, altered or perfected for we are loved for who we are in this very perfectly imperfect moment.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on this particularly if you disagree!