I chose to be born.

I chose my parents.

I exist before I am born.

Entry into a physical body can feel like falling.

Physical reality is dense, has corners and feels cold.

At first I relate to the world through my senses.

My survival is all that matters.

I feel everything but I can’t speak.

I mostly don’t agree with what others see in me.

I carry ancestral ‘luggage’ of things to resolve.

It is my choice to continue carrying it or not.

If I remembered everything about why I came it would be like opening presents before Christmas.

There was something I needed to remember about why I came…


These realizations became apparent to me while coming to terms with my own birth process.

If you know and feel what is true for your birth journey we would love to hear and share the knowledge with you!

Photo by Alegra Ally for the ‪#‎wildbornproject‬.