A house is a house but not necessarily a home. A home does not necessarily have a roof nor a door though she who sleeps under the stars would say that it does.

After stripping down to the bare necessities, ‘travelling’ through six abodes in half the amount of years with no sense of permanency but managing to stay upon the same island nonetheless I learnt a number of things:

  • Home is on the inside and so is the sense of permanency


  • My happiness does not depend upon the shape or size of my house


  • Grounding or rooting is best done in nature


  • Healthy borders do not require walls


  • I don’t need to change place in order to travel


  • I always have what I need


  • True friends will always come and find you wherever you are


  • Maintaining my vibration is possible wherever I am


  • Sharing is caring


  • Every little thing or moment counts if I want it to


  • Never say never


  • Always be prepared to change


  • Trusting spirit is accepting that it has its own time


I am sure there is much more to say here that belongs to the world of silence but you know when a cycle you were part of, albeit not quite conscious of its bigger picture, is complete.

Just when I had let it all go and accepted the part of living in the flow then the moment arrives when a house feels like it’s here to stay again and the stars say go ahead now you can plant some flowers in the ground or its time to get the teapot and the teacups out for its time to receive or feel free to get your own internet connection because it is time to just be.

Getting to chose what I will place in my new ‘cup’, to choose each and every item I will live with, to create beauty and to add fire to the hearth feels like I am born again. I had forgotten the pleasure of physically maintaining a home, the sense of peace that comes with physical stability and the pleasure that comes from the simple things in life.

The flow of gratitude is overwhelming.