When people ask me what I do, I honestly find it difficult to answer.

Perhaps because what I do or how I do it doesn’t really fit a certain box. I have never really been fond of grand titles either. I agree it is hard to win a court case on such fluid lines or even convince one of my worthiness. But then do I really want to?

Would you ask a shaman what method he uses?

I wouldn’t or else I wouldn’t be consulting a shaman in the first place. I am not sure he would answer me either if I asked for his credentials.

For me it would suffice to say my name is Sophia a descendant of Denver and Michalopoulos family lines ( a curious mix of Celtic Australian Greek heritage), born on the winter solstice in Greece*.

I’ve used many conventional and unconventional methods on this self-healing journey of mine some of which I’ve integrated in what I do.

I have travelled extensively and accumulated an equally large amount of some very exceptional experiences, qualifications and relationships that add to who I am and thereby what I do.

In the meantime I’ve reached a number of conclusions:

First and foremost is the fact that if I don’t want to be healed I will not be.

If I say I want to be healed but I am not then I need to dig deeper because on some level I don’t want to be.

It is love that heals rather than any particular ‘method’.

Where there is no love there is no joy. Where there is no joy there is fear.

Pleasure and playfulness I have found are the fastest way through this fear.

It doesn’t matter what form fear takes but the quantity of that fear and my willingness to release it, is what determines my condition.

Fear is an illusion that I have accepted.

Technique is an accepted form of communication between two people. Often it maintains separation.

There are of course many contexts for what I do some of which I enjoy more than others.

I love the physical sensation of water and I acknowledge its powerful healing properties. I appreciate the accessibility of an office or classroom but I love the freedom of open air. I enjoy the sparkle and beauty of stones, gems and crystals and I make use of their powerful vibrations.

A hug, a listening ear, a silence and an allowing I find, are as powerful as any chemical drug or surgery.

If all the above are true for me and at least two others I know of, then they are true for others also.

I don’t do a certain kind of person, a specific age group or treat a specific condition.

I AM with whom appears before me at any given time. It is spirit’s way of showing me where I need to focus on in myself.

I am unequivocally committed to healing myself back to wholeness. To rid myself in other words of fear and the illusion of separation so that I can live a life of love and joy here and now. It is the sole purpose of my being here. This is what I do.

And so finally it appears that it isn’t what I do that is the poignant question but rather who I Am?