When I Play in Water

When I play in water, in my own time, with my own choices and abilities I learn:

What I like and what I don’t like.

To do things on my own.

To overcome my fear.

To share is to belong.

To trust others as well as myself.

To listen.

To move my body in new ways.

To communicate in more ways than one.

To choose.

I am allowed to have fun.

To feel more.

To love more.

When I let go I float.

That joy is bouncy.

To get somewhere I need to kick.

Splashing is fun even if I get my face wet.

To wait my turn.

Boundaries are necessary for me to feel safe.

To try something new.

Breathing is not about holding my breath.

Swimming is just part of the fun.

To put toys away.

To love and care for water.

To feel safe in new environments.

To know myself.

Any more learning you can think of?