You’ve let go of mum.

You’ve dared stand alone.

Now you venture out into the unknown.

One step at a time.


The big blue lies before you.

Some days it seems familiar and sparkles invitingly warm.

On others it feels cold and deep.

Beyond your depth.

And yet it is the same water with a different projection.


You will grow to find

That there are others too that dwell in these waters.

Some as shrewd as sharks,

Others wise like whales or playful like dolphins.

Who will you be attracted to?

Who will you let in to play?


The choice is yours.


Of course it won’t always appear to be so.

Indeed you have not been offered a clean slate.

But it is the one you chose.

You existed before you were born.

You can either ‘take the ball’ you were given and run with it,

or hand it back and make your own way.


You are free in every moment to choose.

You are free in every moment to break free.

You are free to decide what you will not take as a given.

You are free to be the captain of your own ship.


But, to be a captain takes courage, determination and heart.

To stand alone, as an unbreakable mast through every storm and sunset.

To have clarity of vision in the deepest fog, to find your way home again.

To share your boat and give shelter to others in need, never to be in jeopardy of sinking.

To stand firm but gentle, for at sea it can be a matter of life or death.

Only you can steer your vessel for it is yours and yours alone.


Only you can strive to become a conscious human being.

To birth yourself over and over again into someone new.

Even if it means denying the ones who say they love you.

This is evolution.

This is creation itself in the here and now.


And yet so young,

I now see the steps that you have taken.

I see the sparkle in your eye, the determination to conquer your fear.

Today my little friend you stood alone for the first time.

And I am blessed to be a witness of it,

For I am now certain the future will be Bright.


Shine on captain!