For a start it is the shape of a mermaid.

If you look at the satellite image of Corfu Island you will see that it is the distinct shape of a mermaid. In fact you won’t be able to see the island any other way after that.

Morphogeologically the shape of a piece of land does not come any clearer than this.

Beauty and femininity are but some of the energies that come through with this realisation, as is an explanation as to why so many people get called back to this place. One can also work on their own body by ‘sitting’ on the equivalent place on the mermaid map. For example if you have issues with expressing yourself you might want to visit the mermaid’s throat which happens to be Agios Georgios beach on the North West of Corfu.

The male and female ley lines of the Michael Apollo Axis also meet on Corfu Island.

The Michael line enters the island from the castle dedicated to Archangel Michael on the north west coast and the Athena line enters through the cave in Loutses on Mount Pantokratoras. They meet at the Temple of Artemis in Corfu Town and continue their way to Mount Carmel in Israel.

As a portal on the Earth’s energy grid one can access anywhere in the world instantly.

As a result of these energies Corfu is a place of high resonance where healing and transformation of consciousness are instant. Why the island attracts so many seekers and healers of all paths is a response to these vibrations. Intense dreams and the cleansing of denser energies can be a reaction to this resonance.

Geologically Corfu Island is predominantly made of sparkling honey calcite wich also has its sacred role to play.

In mythology Ulysses was washed ashore here after many trials and tribulations of his Self. It is by accepting his female side that he enters the palace of transformation. As he tells his story to the Pheaceans he remembers his true identity.

These and many other archetypal stories resonate on the island of Corfu and offer the potential for deep transformation on any heroic journey.

“Critical mass” was reached on Corfu Island quite a while ago. The challenge now is for us to live in peace together as one and to remember that Joy is our inheritance. Corfu island is sacred because of its geology, morphology, mythology, energy and consciousness today. Why not make it the next destination on your journey?

Text: Sophia Michalopoulou                Photo: Bill Metallinos