I ask you if you want a hug or a kiss,

I seak for your permission before picking you up.

I ask if I can sit down and join you

And I wait for your move.

I ask for your opinion before I give you mine.

I do my best to contain my fear and to manage

my emotions so that they don’t get projected onto you.

I ask and I ask you some more

Because I want to find out who you are.

Even if you are just 2.

I honor your time and space.

I want to know what you want, what you like, what’s your truth

Because I respect you.

In being so I hope you will feel seen, acknowledged and respected.

I hope you will feel free to be fully present.

I’m not sure of the way, I’m just making sure I’m in my own truth, respecting my own values and seaking for a truer world for you too.

As I wait for your answer another comes and

grabs you in their arms squeezing you tight,

sweeping you away in their love for you with a shriek and a smile

before you take one breath.

What a paradox.


Probably from the time before birth we’ve been following another’s heart beat, rhythm and tempo.

We’ve been pushed and we’ve been shoved into coming out in another man’s convenient time.

We’re told what to learn, what’s true and what’s right from day one.

We’re loved with another one’s way.

At school we’re forced some more to be who another thinks we are.

Does anyone ever ask a question without a right answer?

Are we seeking for our truth in a world that doesn’t really listen?

Shouldn’t we be at least rethinking the ways we perceive, understand and communicate our educational values and methods?


“How can we be true to our ideals, take action according to what we believe in, while also adopting and integrating the concept of togetherness? It truly takes a release of attachment and an elevation of perspective to embrace this paradox while maintaining the strength of our convictions.” Mysticamma.com